An online-store

Adaptive design, no matter what the target device is (Desktop, moble, tablet)

Minimum google page load speed 80 percent (provided that you use our servers, otherwise it may vary).

One year free hosting or we transfer application to the clients hosting.

Admin panel for content editing.

Basic ceo optimization: - set up of analytics, webmasters. - Semantic search and clustarization. - meta-tags. - Innerlinking. - Technical specification for texts.

Agreed-upon price.

We create websites with unique design only, so we naver use templates in online-store development. Design is created from the scratch and meets the target audience's needs and our client's needs. We analyze your business, clients and counterparts before an online-store development. Our company also pays attention to admin panel, where users can add or change any information about their goods.

Our projects

Elite CXS

A museum of illusions website development.

Informational portal for gamers.

Design Studio


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